• When ever you go into a Bar, you will always take the seat with a view to the crowd and your back usually against a hard surface, such as a wall.

  • If attacked and suffering an Injury, You will still attempt to, or go back to work the next night.

  • You are more likley to find sharp noises more startling than others.

  • When going out you Judge the type of Club or Bar by how safe it is.

  • You are usually the one that makes the decisions on where you go when you go out at night.

  • When out and about drinking in clubs and bars you will usually be asked "Are you listening to me".

  • You have an 'Uncanny' ability to read situations before they happen.

  • You are far better than others in distinguishing the tones of voices.

  • When not working and out-and-about and an Incident takes place you feel compelled to help out.

  • You Feel Habitually Compelled to place yourself in varying levels danger so as to save someone from that danger, whom usually is a complete stranger.

  • When going out at Night not working, you are unable to switch off being a Bouncer and often pick up on problems you see at other peoples bars and clubs.