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Welcome to the CORRIDOR.

Welcome to the Corridor.
You are now closer to being granted membership into the Global Society. The Corridor is the Second Stage of Application and has been designed specifically for you to be able to upgarde yourself in understanding more about the Soceity and who we are and what we represent within the Global Hospiatlity Industry as well as our own personal communities.

During your time in the CORRIDOR you shall be contacted by a Senior Member of the Society of whom shall be able to assist you if indeed you have any questions outside of the scope of informations and materials provided.

Please make sure that you take your time in reading all the materials given as well as viewing all of the EdPaks which have been created for You.

We do hope to see you inside the Brotherhood, as I am sure that with your experience and skill sets you will enhance the Global Soceity known as a ‘Bouncer Only Soceity’ known as The ‘B.R.A.W.L’  (For who else better to control a Brawl than the Bouncer).

The Society's Human Resource Development Div. has through its research of the occupation 'Bouncing' or Senior Security operating within the Global Hospitality Industry, Developed our 'Education Methodology' of which is deisgned for a 'Specialized Occupation'.

Each of our Commissioned Members are Senior Bouncers who have undertaken the Education Methodology and reached the Level 'TUTOR' or 'TEACHER'. All our Members have access to our Senior Level EdPaks. Below lists the Primary areas of Specialized Education that our Members are Skilled in.

  • Specialized Fire.

  • Operational Law.

  • First Responder Emergency Aid.

  • Team Management Leadership.

  • Building Evac deployment.

  • Control and Restraints Deployment.

  • Tactical Anti Terrorism