Every Country that has a Democratic Society, Every City, Town, Region where there are people, those people are protected by an implemented Community Orientated Policing (COP) Model.

A Community Orientated Policing Model is Defined as

“A philosophy and organizational strategy that promotes a partnership-based, collaborative effort between the police and the community to more effectively and efficiently identify, prevent and solve problems of crime, the fear of crime, physical and social disorder, and
neighborhood decay in order to improve the quality of life for everyone.”

OSCE (2008a: 5)

In essence a Partnership between the Local Police and The Community in which they work together in making their community safer and only through this partnership can crime be reduced in making the community a safer place to live and work. There are many different types of Community Policng Models that are used around the World all with the same Goal, to reduce Crime in the Community.



Research, Study and Assessment. We assigned dozens of members of the society to obtain data on what types of Policing Models that they worked under in their Countries, which we could use to develop a new type of ‘Community Policing Model’ which could be deployed and work in the majority of democratic countries around the World. To be able to create Safer Social Environments

Our goal to reduce violent and sexual crimes within the Night Time Industry integrates the Community and the Security Personnel heavily into the operations of the Model. To allow the Model to work efficiently in protecting the Community, it also incorporates a Level of Expectations for the relationships between all the parties within the Model.

Our Model Re-educates, Upskills and Upgrades members of the Community to be capable of providing a much safer social environment and assist Local Police Divisions in dramatically reducing Alcohol Related Crime in the Community.





When researching the Community Policing Models, it was evident that a healthy working relationship between the Police and the Community was crucial for the Models to Work. . This healthy relationship can only be built by ‘Trust’ between the parties within the relationship. In all of the research the factor that builds that Trust faster and stronger than any other is by building a Model which has ‘Transparency’.

In designing the Predator Free Bars Model we integrated Transparency so the Community can witness the Working relationship between the Police and the Security personnel in protecting the Community in the Night Time Industry. Our Model shows the effectiveness of each of the Parties within the Relationship, and by doing so allows the Health of the Relationship to be stronger and by doing so Safer for the Community.



The First Step in the Predators Free Model is the Identification of the Offender, so this Primary Data along with a Profile Picture of the Offender can be passed onto the ‘Chief Administrators’. 

The Chief Administrators are the persons who operate and manage the Predator Free Bars Model. Each Model has its own chief Administration which are made up of Selected Senior Personnel from the society, and whom have been educated in the management of the Model.  Each Model has a minimum of 2 persons from the resident country the Model is being operated within. You can find more about the Models Chief Administrators inside selected Intel Packets and / Media Packets and upon the QVFB Blog.


The Model uses an array of methods in the collection and collation of Information upon the Offender, including The Event that the Offender was involved in, victims, injuries, and witnesses. This and any other eligible data will inform in the decision making process for the Chief Administrators of whether or not to place the offender into the Blanket Trespass Notification.

If the Offender reaches the level which places them onto the Blanket Trespass Notification, An Offender Intel Packet is created. Attached to this Offender Intel Packet is a “Triple A Form”, an Acknowledge and Agree Form which allows the Member of the Campaign to make a choice on whether or not they wish to add their Club, Bar or other Licenced Premise to the Formal Trespass Notification.


Once the Community Members have made the Decision to trespass an offender, they will either ‘Agree’ or Disagree’ to the addition of the Campaign Members premises to the Formal Trespass Notification. Once the Notification is completed, it’s then delivered to the Offender and a copy of the notification is sent to each of the member bars.

The Formal Trespass Notification has 3 sections, The First Section is the Warning to Stay off the Premises, the second and third sections are Schedule A and B. Schedule A lists all of the Bars and Nightclubs etc of which the Offender is trespassed, Schedule B Lists all of the Bars, Nightclubs etc of which the Offender is allowed entry.


Under the Model, enforcement of the Trespass Order and Stopping the Offender from entering a Bar or being found within a Bar that they have been Trespassed from is the Job of the Security and the Bouncers.

The Security plays an enormous part in the Model for without them, there is no protection for the community. They are a Vital Human Resource within the Global Hospitality industry.

We as Senior Bouncers know that with that Responsibility also comes danger, therefore the model includes crucial education and upgrades that have been created for the safety of the Bouncer and the community.
From time to time some of these Offenders will attack the Bouncers to get into a Bar and be around the Community, We as Senior Bouncers know those dangers and the education and upgrades that have been created for the safety of the Bouncer are crucial for their safety and the community.


The inherent risk of danger is why the organization treats the ‘Security’ and ‘Bouncers’ as a ‘Vital Human Resource’ within the Night Time industry. All Security personnel which work under the Model must be sufficiently trained to be proficient at their role. We concentrate our upgrades for those Security that enforce the Predator Free Bars Model, and create a Level of acquirement that each Bouncer must reach in order to be efficient in protecting the Community and also themselves. As a Bouncer only society, our education upgrades are designed by select Senior Bouncers from around the World with a Background in the Education Sector within their respective Countries.

With members from specialized occupations around the world, we as an society based on Human Resource Development were able to use all of these skills and knowledge in creating a new ‘Methodology’ in education. We know that people learn differently and for different reasons, and as such each specialized occupation from the Police to the Military to Close Protection and Secret Service have their own Methodology of Education. For the first time, Bouncers Around the World has developed a unique Methodology for upgrading and educating Security personnel, and which will allow the Predator Free Bars Model to operate efficiently, protecting the Community from Violent or Sexual Offenders, and assisting the Police.


The Predator Free Bars Model weighs heavily towards Protecting the Woman in today’s Society, As the environment changes we believe that Night Time security must adapt to be able to meet the threats that are towards the Community. This is the ‘Only’ Community Policing Model which has been built to meet that adaption to protect the community in the Night Time Industry.

We know the Predator Free Bars Model will prevent a Predator and most likely many Predators from committing horrible crimes against females within our Community, A Community which has no Model has no protection against such threats as Violent or Sexual Predators.
The Predator Free Bars Model will reduce harm to our young females in the community.

To see the Model in action or obtain more information upon the Predator Free Bars Model please use the Portals below.


Help Reduce Sexual Assaults upon our Community, Support the Pilot Model that we are raising funds for so as to place in the Predator Free Bars Model.


Please view our Public Media Kit for Information on the Model and the Pilot. If you are a Licencee or Owner of a Bar, perhaps you could go Predator Free.


WATCH OUR PREDATOR FREE BARS VIDEO. Our Video will help explain the Model and hopefully get you onboard as a supporter