Welcome to the B.R.A.W.L Application Area of Questions and Answers. Below is a set of Question and Answers which will upgrade you upon the Global Society so as to assist you in understanding what we are as a Global Society and a Global Brotherhood. Please make sure that you have read the Crimes Section as all of our Members must make sure they pass the requirements for membership into the B.R.A.W.L, If you are an Applicant You shall be contacted within a 30 Day Period by a member of the Senior Administration or the Integrity and Enforcement Unit of the B.R.A.W.L. For all other enquires please use the ‘Contact form’.


B.R.A.W.L QnA.

Please Upgrade upon the B.R.A.W.L before Contacting as your answer maybe here.

Started in 2012, The Society has been created to be able to bring Bouncers from around the world together under one Giant Global Society.

The Bouncers Around the World.

or what it is more commonly known as ‘The B.R.A.W.L’.

The B.R.A.W.L has many Goals that we are achieving and will achieve in the Future under the PRIME DIRECTIVE. 
The B.R.A.W.L Mandate is the protection of its members where ever they are in operation around the World.  We know that there is no one coming to help the Bouncers whatever country that they are a Bouncer in. No one ever has, until now.

The B.R.A.W.L provides our members with the ability to have assistance if ever they are arrested when in operation at a Door. It has been many times that a Bouncer or Senior Bouncer has been arrested while working and the Arrest is OUTRIGHT WRONG and can ruin the life of a Bouncer, so the B.R.A.W.L assists our Member by providing support through our many councils and tools that the B.R.A.W.L uses to protect and insulate our members.

The B.R.A.W.L also has one of the Worlds Best Human Resource Development Divisions, which allows us to create Senior Level Education for our Members, as a member you are provided mandatory education through our online learning systems, after completing mandatory upgrades you obtain senior-level status within the B.R.A.W.L which allows you to take Senior Level modules in many different areas of the occupation.

The B.R.A.W.L is the only Society in the World that protects Bouncers for we are a Bouncer Only Society.

To watch a Video upon the Global Society please click here.

Membership is very strict for the B.R.A.W.L because we are not some page on Facebook, we are a Global Society made up of Bouncers Only.’ So, being a Bouncer or having been a Bouncer for more than 4 Years on a door meets the minimum requirement, TO APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP.

We have to make sure that the people that become members are REAL BOUNCERS, what we mean by REAL is that they have what the Global SOciety calls the ‘Bouncer Code’ this is that they are people who really do care about protecting others in their community. The B.R.A.W.L only wants members that hold that Intrinsic Value to protect others.
That is one of the points that we as a Brotherhood are looking for in our Members. We are also making sure that people who masquerade as Bouncers on doors but are really not Bouncers but people who like to Bully others, we DO NOT WANT anyone that is Violent towards others but those members that can produce Violence only when absolutely necessary to protect themselves or others.

Protection of our Members is a top priority of the B.R.A.W.L which is why we have such strict rules in place regarding talking to outsiders upon the Brotherhood and our Members, we Encrypt at the Military Level our Members information and have a Full-Time Unit called the OBSIDIAN ORDER which actively seeks for anyone Breaching the Rules or anyone trying to break into the B.R.A.W.L.

You get to be a Member in a Brotherhood unlike this world has ever seen.

By Paying membership Fee’s you show us that you agree that this Brotherhood is doing the right thing in Protecting Bouncers Around the World.

You agree that there are People in the Community that will Protect others rather than protect themselves, that will these people like yourself will put themselves in danger to protect a stranger and that those people should be recognized for who they are and how important they are to their community and their Country.

You also agree that those people should be protected as much as they can be. 

That is why we are a Global Brotherhood, because we all agree, and as such, we look after our own.

As a Member, if your country is under the B.R.A.W.L Legal Advisory System, you as a Member get the protection of the B.R.A.W.L Senior Legal Advisory Council, this means that if you are working and through operating a B.R.A.W.L Bouncer you are arrested then the B.R.A.W.L shall provide Legal Assistance to you, so as to help in defending you from these charges.

The FALLEN Protocols.
As a Member, you are given full rights to the FALLEN Protocols, This means that if you are Working as a  B.R.A.W.L Bouncer at a venue and it becomes your time and you are Murdered upon a door, The B.R.A.W.L FALLEN PROTOCOLS are enacted, this means that the Brotherhood bury our own.

We Bury our FALLEN, 

Your Family is also taken care of in a most Brotherly way, we provide financial assistance to your family during this time of Mourning, we also provide counseling for your Partner and your Children so as to help them in this Dire Time.

and we also Go after the Offenders. But this Information is for Members only.

You pay fees so as to assist the B.R.A.W.L in the PRIME DIRECTIVE. which means that you also have all of your training, education and learning paid for by the B.R.A.W.L

You get access to the B.R.A.W.L Stores online, which are only accessible to our Members, where you can purchase your Legions Flags and other Items that are only worn by the Members of B.R.A.W.L


This is a Brotherhood, unlike this world, has ever seen, and you as a Member are part of something that is to change the world for the better, to make our Communities much much safer and it all starts with being a member of the B.R.A.W.L.

The Global Society has a few Rules that our members follow and strictly enforce.

It must be understood that once you become a member of the B.R.A.W.L that you are always Representing the B.R.A.W.L and as such you come under our Rules of Behaviour.
The Main Rule is the Rule of RESPECT.

We have placed some of the main Rules here for you to see the ones that MUST BE FOLLOWED at all Times.

These Rules have been made by Senior Bouncers so as to make sure that the Global Society is always functioning as a Brotherhood at all times.

As a Member you must ALWAYS:

  1. Protect the Integrity of the B.R.A.W.L
  2. Represent the Brotherhood in a Positive and Professional manner.
  3. Protect the members of your community at all times.
  4. Follow the Communication Protocols within the B.R.A.W.L 
  6. Pass all Mandatory Senior Education.
  7. Be the B.R.A.W.L Bouncer and Enforce the Code.

They are all Pretty simple Rules, but Rules always Enforced.
The B.R.A.W.L Official Terms and Conditions show all respective Policies and Protocols that are strictly Enforced. 

A couple of others that you must make sure you Never Break or you could face Immediate Execution from the Brotherhood.


  1. Bring the B.R.A.W.L into Disrepute by any action, inaction or Behaviour.
  2. Fight with another Member of the B.R.A.W.L.
  3. Be ejected or removed from a bar, club or Venue by Force due to your Behaviour.
  4. Threaten any person or other with the B.R.A.W.L.
  5. Breach any of the B.R.A.W.L Protocols or Policies.
  6. Commit a Crime as outlined in the Crimes Criteria of the B.R.A.W.L
  7. Mislead or Lie to any Official or Senior Administration or Member of the OBSIDIAN ORDER.

If your Application is successful you will receive a New Member Intel Packet which will have the things that you should know as a Member fo the Brotherhood and anything else that you want to know as a Member is simply asked for to Senior Administration.

It is usually a 30-day process, so within 30 days of registering for application for membership a Senior Administrator of the B.R.A.W.L will contact you and inform you of your Application.

Within your Accounts area, you are given access to the CRIMES PDF’s. you must read the materials so as you know if you can move forward in the application process for membership. You must have not committed those particular crimes as outlined in the Downloads.

If your application is successful you will be informed and given access to the membership Page which holds the selection for membership, whereupon you can select which type of membership you fall under.

Once, your membership is secured, your status within the Brotherhood is granted and you are given access to everything you need to be an Official Member of the Global Brotherhood, The B.R.A.W.L

If your application is unsuccessful you shall receive an email that will inform you of such and your account will be removed from the Application area.

We hope to see you in the Brotherhood.


B.R.A.W.L is the only Body in the World that has conducted the research to prove that the Occupation ‘Bouncing’ is a Specialized occupation under the Global Security industry.

It is obviously a big call to say that we as a Global Society are The Authority upon the occupation of Night Time Security or ‘Bouncing’ for short.

Let’s answer this in sections.

First, we do not state that we are the ‘Leading’ authority, this is because we are the ‘Only’ Authority upon the occupation.

No one has ever taken the Occupation as a ‘Specialised’ occupation so therefore no one has ever attributed that the occupation should be looked at as a Vital Human Resource.

Secondly, we treat the occupation as a Vital human resource which means that we have undertaken studies upon the occupation around the world, any many Research projects containing many control and focus Groups made upon members from Countries around the world.

No one has ever conducted research formal or informal towards the people that undertake the role as Bouncer, they have never thought it might be a good idea to hear what the Bouncers have to say in regards to helping find solutions to make it safer.

We are the only Society that has conducted this research and by doing so is the only Society that has that information.

Thirdly, the Society’s members are all Bouncers, predominantly Senior Bouncers from over 70 Countries from around the world.
All of them attribute to the Knowledgebase that the organization has.
No one has ever been able to accomplish such as Goal as bringing over 2000 Senior Security personnel that operate in arenas and venues small and massive, running teams of 2 to 400 security personnel all from different Countries, being taught and learning what their countries offer.

Within the Society we have a vast array of occupations that our members come from or are still apart of such as Fire Chiefs and Fire Specialists, X Military Intelligence officers, Senior Paramedics, X Military Paramedics, X Police and Senior Police officers, teachers and tutors and all from different countries around the world, such as Turkey to Australia, New Zealand to Sierra Leone, from America to Mexico and this is what has made us the Authority of the occupation.

BY researching and gathering information’s from all of these members and how they engage with the occupation, how they manage teams and individual team members in various stages of development, how they trained their personnel to how they fire them, all of this information has been collected and collated and used by our many senior projects teams in being able to design and create fundamental tactics in safety, by using this information we have been able to create standard operational procedures that have never been in existence before now.

We say we are the Authority of this occupation at present and shall always be the Authority in the occupation in the future, why? Because the Society’s Philosophy is


To watch a Video upon how the B.R.A.W.L Identifies Bouncing as a Specialized Occupation please click here.

The names Nightclub Security, Doorman, Door person, Door Supervisor, Club Supervisor, Floor walker, Bar security, Security officer and so on and so on, all of these names were designed by other people so as not to use the name Bouncer, these people believe that if you change the name to any of these names that everyone will change their attitudes, perceptions and stereotypes towards Bouncers to a Positive, just like Magic.

They do this so as to tell clubs and bars that they don’t have Bouncers they provide Door Supervisors or whatever.

We think that is stupid, we believe that you can’t just change a name and that changes the game, it would be like someone thinking we won’t call the Police The Police anymore we will call them government security enforcers.

Would changing the name of the police change any perception that you have towards the Police? Good or bad?

We are Bouncers, B.R.A.W.L Bouncers, but we are different, this difference is what we are going to show the public so as we can change their perception towards Bouncers through actions that we take and actions which they see and approve of.

We believe that this is the only way in which to be able to change society’s view towards the word ‘Bouncer’ by making fundamental changes in the occupation so as to work in conjunction with the community and provide a much safer night time for the public and those who work the door.

This is the Only way to change the Stereotype towards any Occupation, to show the community who we are and what we do for them, working with them being part of the Community.

This is the Only Way to Change Perceptions through Actions.

The B.R.A.W.L as a Society has different Levels of Status within.

We recognize the Levels of Status within the Occupation by using the YOD method as a Base System for Status. The YOD ‘Year on Doors’ also allows the Society to designate the different types of Education Levels that must be acquired by those members at that Level.

The 2 Main levels inside the B.R.A.W.L are Bouncer and Senior Bouncer. The YOD system designates the 2 Levels of status. By a Bouncer undertaking and passing all assessment for Level and Senior Level education papers may allow the TOD system to be bypassed and the Status of Senior bouncer may be attained quicker.
The Main Levels designated inside of the Society when it comes to Status of Education is:

  1. Student.
  2. Mentor.
  3. Tutor.
  4. Teacher.
  5. Assessor.

Once a member has attained the Level of Tutor, they then can utilize the B.R.A.W.L tools of education to tutor mentors in the role of the occupation under the B.R.A.W.L methods of Protection.

Once a member has attained the Level of Teacher, they can then choose to take Specialized Modules of Education created by the B.R.A.W.L.