The Global Society is bringing SENIOR PERSONNEL from around the world together under one banner. One society.

The Society ‘Bouncers Around the World’ functions as a Society where its Networks and Communication lines are designed to bring Senior Security Personnel together so as to become One Giant Security Team securing the World at Night. 
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Most frequent questions and answers

Started in 2010, The Society has been created to bring Bouncers from Countries that have a Hospitality Industry together under one Giant Global Society.

Our Prime Directive is to research and analyze the occupation on a Global Scale and to bring together this untapped resource so as to create and design tactics and strategies so as to implement them in Hospitality industries around the World so as to reduce the ‘Murder’ Rate of Bouncers in operation in the Global Hospitality Industry.


What makes us the Authority within the Global Hospitality Industry.

It is what we have accomplished when building the Global Society, these accomplishments have been the research of which we have conducted. By bringing so many Senior Security Together under one Society we have been able to use University Level Research focusing upon the Occupation and the Role of the ‘Bouncer’ within the occupation and the Global Hospitality Industry.

It is from this Research and the data which we have obtained over the last 8 years of which we, as the only society or organization or agency which has ever conducted such research into the Occupation. This is what makes the Global Society the Authority in this very dangerous specialized occupation.  

When researching the occupation and breaking up the occupation into Job Characteristics, we also had to understand the relationship with the ‘Bouncer’ and the role that they have with the Occupation. From this analysis, we have to see what education must take place for someone to reach a level or standard of knowledge to become efficient at being Security within the Hospitality Industry.

What we found was the dangers that are associated with the occupation of which the ‘Bouncer’ is subjected to is extremely high in contrast to other security occupations.

 What the Society found through its research is that the occupation ‘Bouncing’ Night Time Hospitality Industry Senior Security is a Specialized Occupation.

And since it reached the level of ‘Specialized Occupation’ then an Education Methodology must be created for the occupation.

The Research and collection of the data has allowed our Human Resource Development Division of the Society to develop ‘Higher Level Learning’ of which we teach to our Senior Members so as they can then teach this education to Bouncers when they are working within the Hospitality Environment.
This allows our members to increase the safety of our members around the world.

Because the Society classes the occupation at the Level of a ‘Specialized Occupation’ 

It recognizes that the education and knowledge transfer to the ‘Student’ is different than just typical education formats, especially what types of education which are around the world at present and the types of ways in which this education is taught is completely ineffective for the ability to raise the level of safety to the role within the occupation.

So, we designed our education attributing to the fastest way in which the ‘Student’ learning would be imprinted with such knowledge to keep them safe.
The Education Methodology is designed to teach the Senior Security Personnel in a way in which that particular role should be taught for maximum impact.

Our Education Methodology is designed for the Education of the Senior Security Personnel aka The Senior Bouncer. We do not teach young security personnel as we know the best way in which to tach those young and new personnel is to transfer that knowledge by way of having it mentored to them by them by their senior Bouncers aka Senior Personnel.