brawl bouncer

The Society's Human Resource Development Division is at the forefront of the PRIME DIRECTIVE.

It has been through 8 Years of Research and Development that the Society's HRD Div. has been able to create an EDUCATION METHODOLOGY.

The HRD Div. uses the latest in Applications from the E-Learning Systems available on the market today to be able to Educate our Senior Members across the World.
By integrating our E-LEarning Systems into the Daily Operations of our Senior Members we are able to create and sustain Higher Levels of Safety for our Members around the World.

The HRD Div. introducing 'Mandatory' systems of operations into the daily routine of our Commissioned members allows the creation and enforcement of the first 'OCCUPATIONAL NORMS' inside the Global Hospitality Industry.

Baseline Research Models allow for the HRD Div. to asess the knowledge Gap of what Senior Secuirty Personnel must have as knowledge skills and what they have prior to implementation of the Society's Education Methodology.
Our Baseline Research has been designed for the Global Hospitality Industry, allowing the HRD Div. to educate our Senior Members across the world.


Every aspect of the Role ‘Bouncer’ corresponds to Laws, sometimes many Laws, Legal’s, is a Focus of our Higher-Level Learning Education. Tactically blending this learnt knowledge with concrete learning experiences from being operational engrains a far higher retention rate of the Legal Knowledge and Parameters needed to operate lawfully and effectively.


As our Members are Senior Security personnel they are in control of Teams of personnel, it is a focus that Strong Leadership Qualities and Skills are needed for Optimal Function of these Teams. By acknowledging the Bouncer as a Specialised Role allows us to concentrate upon constructing Leadership qualities and skill sets. Empowering the Member


Bouncers are the first responders to all situations that arise from the occupation, their response to the emergency event can be the difference between life and death, The Education in these areas so as to know exactly what actions to apply for which critical event.


The Education Methodology takes what is already associated to the Role and places this Mentoring into a Structure. Placing into the role more formal techniques of tutor and teaching the student is able to reach performance level at a much faster Rate.

99% No Knowledge
86% No Knowledge
100% No Proceedures

The HRD Div. undertook comprehensive research across the Society to identify what areas of the occupation were an absolute necessity to have expert knowledge in. Once these areas were Identified, our research was able to analyse how much knowledge was held by Senior Security and how any knowledge within the identifed areas were educated.

In construction of the Society’s Education Methodology the HRD Div. selected sections of each Identified area so that the Senior Security are able to have and retain expert knowledge in differing fields. Only commissioned members are granted the ability to operate the Society’s ‘SAFE BARS’ Model within their Legions.

100% No Knowledge
83% No Process or Knowledge
94% No Knowledge

Each of our Official members has their very own secure HRD Folder. In thier Folder is kept a Record of all of your Operations, Fire Evacuations and Drills, all your Education Skills that you acquire being member and finally your very own B.R.A.W.L Digital CV.
It’s about time you were recognized for what Bouncing is, A Specialized Occupation.

The Society operates its membership and Heirarchy in conjunction with its Human Resource Development Division. All of our members have access to the Society’s Education Methodology that Specializes in Higher Level Learning or HLL.  All of our Members can choose to be a Student, Tutor, Teacher or Assessor. The More Edpaks Completed the Higher the status within the Society.

We don’t work in a Bank or a check out or a janitor, This is Bouncing. Each and every time you go to work, the Society counts this as a Single Operation, As a Member you can have a record of each night you go operational, stored in your secure HRD Folder, you can access your HRD Folder at anytime and show how experienced you are in the World of Senior Secuirty within the Global Hospitality Industry. The Bouncer.

With the Upgrade of the Occupation and the Role of Senior Security personnel comes the addition of Recognizing our members experience within the Role and protection of the People under their Care. For all commissioned members of the Society, within their personal HRD Folder is their own B.R.A.W.L DIGITAL C.V.

The BDCV allows our members to show their experience and knowledge within their field of the Global Security Industry.