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Started in 2012, The Society has been created to be able to bring Bouncers from around the world together under one Society.

The Bouncers Around the World.

Or it’s usually referred to by its Quazi-acronym:  The B.R.A.W.L

Our Directive is called The PRIME DIRECTIVE and it is to make the Night Time World a Safer Place for The Patrons, Staff and the Community and ourselves.

To cut down the Murder rate of Bouncers at doors around the world,

To create ‘Predator Free’ environments

To eliminate or dramatically reduce the Alcohol Related Violence within the Night Time Community.

To create a Global standard of Bouncing,

To upgrade on a Global Scale the Bouncers Around the World.

To Stop Rapists, Child Abusers, Offenders who bash our Elderly Citizens from ever entering a Licenced premise again.

To give the Community a Choice on whether or not to punish Sexual and Violent Offenders for the first time ever. A Choice that has been worked upon by the Bouncers Around the World and now given to the Community.

A Choice that the Bouncers Around the World will enforce.

The Research allows us to take the Role of the Bouncer within the Environment as a Valuable Human Resource to the PRIME DIRECTIVE and in some cases the Only Human Resource to it.
Set up in stages of Research development, the first stage was to target at first western countries of which their Primary Language was English, over the last few years this has grown to include those Countries which have English as a Secondary language.

Once the B.R.A.W.L had enough members it conducted starting in August 2013 its Research into the occupation of Night Club Security.

We were able to do this on an international level, conducted in Formal and Informal Research.

During 2014 and 2015 the B.R.A.W.L started its development of what is called ‘Edpaks’, these Edpaks are designed Intelligence packets of which make up the bulk of the B.R.A.W.L Education and Development systems.

The problem was that there has been no actual research at a Senior or serious Level conducted upon occupation, even the simplist research in breaking down the occupation into what elements make up the occupation itself has never been done.

No one has ever viewed the occupation as a Valuable Human Resource, so no one has actually studied the occupation to see exactly the responsibility of the Bouncer within the role of the Hospitality Industry.

The B.R.A.W.L conducted so much research to find out that very question,

“is the occupation ‘Bouncing’ a difficult job from the view of Human Resource Development?”

What we found from our international research was that ‘Bouncing’ was exactly the same in ever country around the world. There was only ever one difference to the occupation and that was the specific countries laws when it come t the enforcement of their Liquor laws, their Trespass laws and the Laws of which govern when you can use force as a Bouncer in performing trespasses and / or using force to defend oneself or another.

Other than the Law, what we found was that you could take a Bouncer from Britain and place him on a door in New Zealand and then place him into a door in Canada or South Korea and they would be able to work just as he did in England.

The Society has undertaken thorough research upon the Training systems which have been created by Governments and other bodies in the Private and Public sectors in relation to the occupation.

This research included finding out how such training was designed and created, if the people that put the training for Bouncers and Night Club Security together had actually been Bouncers, if these people had designed these courses in conjunction with the Bouncers and if they had conducted any research themselves into obtaining feedback upon the Courses that they had developed for Bouncers.

We found that the occupation Bouncing was not just a Valuable human resource to the Global Hospitality industry but the ‘Vital’ Human Resource to that industry.

We found that within the Hospitality industry, you could remove any of the different occupations even at the senior level, such as Duty and Bar managers and the Night Club could still function safely and efficiently, but if you were to remove the ‘Bouncers’, that the Club would fail to function at a level needed for the safety and security of the patrons within the premise.

It’s called the ‘Trickle Down’ effect, where if you remove someone from the environment the person below them will take up the slack and perform the dutys of the one removed.

When it comes to the Bouncing, there is no Trikle Down effect. 

This is not to say that the other occupations in the Hospo field are not a Valuable Human Resource it is that within each industry there is usually 1 ‘Vital’ resource and within the Hospitality Industry it is The Bouncer.

Within a Civil Society, If you were to remove the People responsible for your safety,

Society may not be to Civil for long.

The names Nightclub Security, Doorman, Door person, Door Supervisor, Club Supervisor, Floor walker, Bar security, Security officer and so on and so on, all of these names were designed by other people so as not to use the name Bouncer, these people believe that if you change the name to any of these names that everyone will change their attitudes, perceptions and stereotypes towards Bouncers to a Positive, just like Magic.

They do this so as to tell clubs and bars that they don’t have Bouncers they provide Door Supervisors or whatever.

We think that is stupid, we believe that you can’t just change a name and that changes the game, it would be like someone thinking we won’t call the Police The Police anymore we will call them government security enforcers.

Would changing the name of the police change any perception that you have towards the Police? Good or bad?

We are Bouncers, B.R.A.W.L Bouncers, but we are different, this difference is what we are going to show the public so as we can change their perception towards Bouncers through actions that we take and actions which they see and approve of.

We believe that this is the only way in which to be able to change society’s view towards the word ‘Bouncer’ by making fundamental changes in the occupation so as to work in conjunction with the community and provide a much safer night time for the public and those who work the door.

This is the Only way to change the Stereotype towards any Occupation, to show the community who we are and what we do for them, working with them being part of the Community.

This is the Only Way to Change Perceptions through Actions.


It is obviously a big call to say that we as a Global Society are The Authority upon the occupation of Night Time Security or ‘Bouncing’ for short.

Let’s answer this in sections.

First, we do not state that we are the ‘Leading’ authority, this is because we are the Only Authority upon the occupation.

No one has ever taken the Occupation as a ‘Specialised’ occupation so therefore no one has ever attributed that the occupation should be looked at as a Vital Human Resource.

Secondly, we treat the occupation as a Vital human resource which means that we have undertaken studies upon the occupation around the world, any many Research projects containing many control and focus Groups made up on members from Countries around the world.

No one has ever conducted research formal or informal towards the people that undertake the role as Bouncer, they have never thought it might be a good idea to hear what the Bouncers have to say in regards to helping find solutions to make it safer.

We are the only Society which has conducted this research and by doing so is the only Society which has that information.

Thirdly, the Society’s members are all Bouncers, predominantly Senior Bouncers from over 70 Countries from around the world.
All of them attribute to the Knowledge base that the organization has.
No one has ever been able to accomplish such as Goal as bringing over 2000 Senior Security personnel that operate in arenas and venues small and massive, running teams of 2 to 400 security personnel all from different Countries, being taught and learning what their countries offer.

Within the Society we have a vast array of occupations that our members come from or are still apart of such as Fire Chiefs and Fire Specialists, X Military Intelligence officers, Senior Paramedics, X Military Paramedics, X Police and Senior Police officers, teachers and tutors and all from different countries around the world, such as Turkey to Australia, New Zealand to Sierra Leone, from America to Mexico and this is what has made us the Authority of the occupation.

BY researching and gathering information’s from all of these members and how they engage with the occupation, how they manage teams and individual team members in various stages of development, how they trained their personnel to how they fire them, all of this information has been collected and collated and used by our many senior projects teams in being able to design and create fundamental tactics in safety, by using this information we have been able to cerate standard operational procedures that have never been in existence before now.

We say we are the Authority of this occupation at present and shall always be the Authority in the occupation in the future, why? Because the Society’s Philosophy is


So the Society is a Massive Human Resource Division is continuously learning and updating, when we finally market ourselves to the Global Hospitality Market and open the doors to our members we shall be having a huge boost to our Knowledge base and this will fortify the Society as always the Authority on the occupation and all matters relating to the safety of the People in the night time community.

We have 2000 members because it has been a huge process in the building and structuring of the Society into being what it is at the present time.

We had roughly a 90% turn down. So we only allowed 10% of all those people that applied, entry into the Society. We did this because we could not create what was needed for the Society to be able to accommodate the projected numbers that we expect shall be applying for membership.

With having designed and created infrastructure for the Society, we now can accommodate the Numbers of Members that will be applying and becoming Members of the B.R.A.W.L

We set the number of members at around 1500 to 2500 so 2000 members was perfect for what was needed.

With 2000 members we were able to conduct proper research into the occupation and to be able to obtain variants within the research to have high quality output.

With such a number we were also able to obtain averages within the variables under research allowing us to be able to not just study the work but study the worker.

When we speak of the B.R.A.W.L as an Society, we speak of it regarding its divisions and Project teams and assignments and Senior education Councils and so forth.

When we speak of the B.R.A.W.L as a Brotherhood we speak of it regarding Legions, Garrison Chiefs, The SENATE, the OBSIDIAN ORDER etc..

We believe in every member from around the world can be a teacher for what it is that we do, when being a Bouncer you are always learning, you are not a Bouncer in our eyes if you think you know it all, So we have Learn Teach Assess Learn.

This is a flow of how we create a B.R.A.W.L Bouncer to be a tutor of the Society.

Let’s look at it from a ‘New’ member coming into the Society.

The first is LEARN, so a member is taught the information of which they have to reach to be a qualified member.

So how do we see if the New member has learnt the Information?

We get the new member to TEACH another member what it is that they have learnt.

Who ASSESSES if that teaching is correct and the new member is able to pass?

The assessment is carried out by the last member that is within the circle.

So the last member who has been assessed in teaching the new member assesses if the new member knows the information and is Teaching it correctly.

Once that assessment has been done, the member then LEARNS again.

It sounds difficult, but its not, just think of a Circle. Simple. The Best way of upgrading a Member to reach the Standards of the role and increase their safety while at work keeping watch over our Community.


Higher Level Learning.

This is a completely new way of Educating a person to be able to undertake the role and perform the duties.

Because the Occupation Bouncing was 100% On-The-Job training and little to no actual Mentoring when under this way of Learning, So we have changed it to the B.R.A.W.L Philosophy and we integrate not just the education while On-The-Job but the reason why they need to upgrade.

This new way of Development has the best Output from our research into educating people who undertake the role of Bouncer.

Every member of The B.R.A.W.L will be at a standard of which every Bouncer in the World Should be for this Job.