Becoming a QVFB Campaign Member shows that your Bar has now a Zero Tolerance for Violence and we market that to the World.


When you Sign Up your bar is placed under the ‘SHIELD‘ Protecting your staff and patrons from Violent and Sexual offenders that are out and about in the community. 


Our Campaign members get the latest information in Identifying Predators that are causing trouble in Queenstown. Information that you should know.


This is a ‘Community First Project’ and as such, it is community lead and managed, it is about putting the safety of the community first working together under a Model for the first time.

Your Choice.

Being a Campaign member means for the first time, that you get current information to make a Choice on whether you want to stop a recent offender from entering and drinking in your bar and we think that is exactly how it should be. As a Campaign member you receive a ‘Brief of Intel’ which gives you all the information you need to make that choice. 


How it Works

We have made an Education Video to show you how the ‘Predator Free Bars Model’ works. The only one of its kind in the World. Together we can make 

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Protecting your Patrons

It’s all about making it Safer for your Patrons, becoming a member means that with the other QVFB members we are doing more than anyone else in New Zealand in Protecting young Women who are out and about in Queenstown and letting them know that your Bar is
a Safe Bar or a Sanctuary for them.

have your security get the Right Information in real time.

It’s all about Security and the person in charge of that Security gets Equipped with the latest in the Society’s Safety Technology, with this technology under the Model your security gets the right information in ‘Real-Time’ which means they can act to secure your Bar sooner in Identifying and stopping these Predators from hurting members of our community and the many Tourists that come to Queenstown on holiday. As a Campaign member and the ‘Boss’ you can request to get all Safety Reports generated for your Bar delivered straight to your Inbox giving you greater control of your bars safety.



Queenstown per population is the most ‘Violent’ town in New Zealand and
It has to stop
This is why this is a Community First Initiative. It is only a matter of time before someone else ends up dying on the street or in a club and it is up to us as the Hospitality Community to pull together to make a stand against such Violence. Become a Queenstown Violence Free Bars Campaign Member and lets work together in making our Community as safe as it can be. 

As a Campaign Member you also get to make a decision on whether you want to UPGRADE your Bar to become a ‘Sanctuary Bar’. A Sanctuary Bar is when you have a designated staff member whom undergoes what is called Higher Level Learning in regards to the operations of the Protection Model, these Upgrades have been designed by Senior Members of the Society which have specialized backgrounds in Fire, Medical, Education and Law enforcement from around the world. These Upgrades have been designed specifically for the Global Hospitality Industry
in providing much safer environments for Licensees and their Patrons.

Sign Up to be QVFB

Still Thinking?

If you are still considering joining, take a look at this statistic Video we have put together to show why it is that the Global Society ‘Bouncers Around the World’ chose Queenstown, New Zealand as the place to help start protecting inside the Global Hospitality Industry. 
Working under the Model as a Campaign Member Bar is the start of taking back the Night from Violence. 

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The Predator Free Bars Model which operates under the Queenstown Violence Free Bars Campaign is purpose built to be Proactive in Protecting the Night Time Community from Predatory  Offenders, By Signing Up you will become part of the solution in reducing Alcohol Related Violence within the Night Time Community. Below we have placed some of the main questions that were asked to our New Zealand Representative by Queenstown Bar owners

To be a QVFB Campaign Member it costs just $15 dollars a week. The Service the Society ‘Bouncers Around the World’ provides to Queenstown Bar Owners is about Protecting the Night Time Community not getting Rich.

The QVFB Campaign is something that has never been done before in any Country around the World. Though there have been other Models, none of them have ever been created by the very People who are on the Front Line of the Hospitality Industry. As a Pilot System our New Zealand Chief Administration will be conducting Research and will be working closely with campaign staff on making sure that the protection of our Campaign member bars are being protected under the System of Operations. 

The Chief Administration are the People that manage the operations of the Model. They are made up of Senior Security Personnel from the Global Hospitality industry. The Country’s that make up the QVFB Chief Administration are South Africa, Germany, Canada, The United States of America, The United Kingdom and of course New Zealand.

It is 2 things really. The first is each Chief Administrator is monitoring the Model so as to assist in its operations for the Models Output, which is to reduce the amount of Alcohol Related Violence within the Night Time Hospitality Industry. When the Model is running efficiently each one of the Chief Administrators will be putting the exact same Model into their Country, so as they can help in reducing the Violence and Sexual Assaults in their Countries.

Secondly, it is because of their duties when assessing the Official Incident Reports (OIR), to make sure that there is no Bias when it comes to decisions on Length of Trespass, the Chief Administrators have no prior connections or dealings with the Offenders which harm the community.

There are 2 types of Members Bars, there are ‘Campaign‘ Members and ‘SANCTUARY BARS’.

A Campaign Member is just that, a bar which has decided to stand with us in stopping Violent and Sexual offenders by way of the QVFB Official Trespass Notification. 

A Sanctuary Bar is a Member who has a Staff Member who works at there Bar that has been ‘Upgraded‘ by the Society to be able to provide a ‘Duty of Care‘ which allows the Bar to be classed under the Pilot as a ‘Sanctuary Bar’.

Every one of our members must have an up to date Fire Evacuation Plan and that the Plan is understood by the members senior security personnel. We take each members bars evacuation procedures very seriously, so we provide for each of our members a digital plan which can be accessed by their security personnel to know, this Digital Evac plan is how rotational security can be efficient in protecting their bars and patrons.

The organisation has many senior fire specialists as our members which gives us the ability to create for each of our members a Digital ‘Building’ Evac plan.
The Building Evac plan is different than a Fire Evac plan as it is designed to Evac your Patrons and Staff if indeed there is a threat, such as a Bomb Threat. The Digital Building Evac is secured and can only be accessed by those staff that the owner allows.

Not at all. It’s your Bar. The Model works for the Licensees and Owners of bars within the Target area. As a QVFB Campaign member you get information’s that nobody else does to make an informed decision on what choice you make. It’s completely up to you if you trespass an Offender listed within a ‘Brief of Intel’ Report.

Accompanying all QVFB Official Trespass Notifications are 2 Schedules. 
Schedule A and Schedule B.

Schedule A. lists all of the bars that are campaign members that have decided to trespass the Offender.

Schedule B. lists all the bars within the Target area that are not members of the campaign and allow the offender entry.


Below is a display of ‘TRIGGER CRIMES’. These are the Crimes which Trigger the Model to go into operations in providing our QVFB Members the information’s that they should have to be able to make a decision. Our QVFB Members deserve to have this information. The Choice is Yours.