Established in 2012 the Organization ‘Bouncers Around the World’ has grown to over 2000 Senior members of the Global occupation. We are a Bouncer Only Organization, Any Bouncer whom is in operation, retired or on leave may apply to become a member of the Organization.


About MeThe Organization is made up of Senior Bouncers from over 70 Countries around the world at present, such as New Zealand to Nicaragua, South Africa to South Korea, Turkey to Tonga, Honduras, to Hong Kong. You can find More information about the Organization upon the About Page.

The Organization is the Leading Authority upon all elements of the Security Sector related to the Global Hospitality Industry. The Main Directive of the Organization is to make the World at Night a Safer place for the people that live, work and play within it. For more information upon the Organization please check out the menu provided. Some Areas of this website are restricted to members only.