We are a 'BOUNCER ONLY' Global Society. Membership Requirements are strict, there are Rules and Regulations, Policies and Protocols, but the Main Pre-requisite for Membership is that you are or have been a Bouncer.


The Society's has been working on our 'Safer World' Projects which are tactics that our Members use to make our World, the World of the Bouncer Safer.


The Global Society looks after our Members, We have many Divisions inside the Society which provide protections for our Members.


The Global Society's PRIME DIRECTIVE is to make changes to the industry by 'Upgrading' the Occupation of Bouncing so as to create a much safer Global Hospitality Industry.

Created in 2010, The Global Society ‘Bouncers Around the World’ is a society made up of 2000 plus Senior Bouncers, Door Supervisors, Senior Security personnel, doorman and Bouncers from over 70 Countries around the World.

Yes we are.
Every single member of the Society is a ‘Bouncer‘.
To become a Member of the Society you must meet the requirements, one of those Requirements is that you are operational as a ‘Bouncer‘ at present, or you have been a ‘Bouncer‘ in the past for  a minimum of 4 Years.

We say, “Once a Bouncer, Always a Bouncer“.
(If you’re a Bouncer you will know exactly what we mean).

The PRIME DIRECTIVE is to ‘Reduce’ the Kill Rate of Bouncers working on Doors Around the World.

We know that there is no one coming to help the Bouncers in any Country to protect them from the Dangers of the Door. So we decided that we will do it ourselves. So we built the Global Society.

The Society has ‘different levels‘ of Hierarchy inside it.

The Levels and Statuses are based upon our Method of recognition, which is ‘YEARS ON DOORS‘. The YOD System.

There are 4 Levels of Non Commissioned Status, from ‘Bouncer to General

There are 2 Levels of commissioned Status.  SBB and BSB.

  1. You are or have had been a Bouncer in the past for a minimum of 4 Years.
  2. You must not have committed crimes against women, children or elderly people within your community.
  3. You must agree to the Rules of the Global Society.
  4. You must complete all stages of the Application process for membership.
  5. You must make it through the Corridor.


The Society’s Philosophy is based on education. “Learn, Teach, Assess, Learn“.
Over the last 6 Years the Society has been creating an ‘Education Methodology’ specifically for educating Senior Bouncers in Higher Level Learning (HLL). This Upgrade raises the level of knowledge needed for our Members to stay protected and for them to protect their teams.

The Upgrades are Universal and can only be taught to Senior Bouncers by Commissioned Senior Bouncers.

All Upgrades are Free to our Members.

“We Protect our own”

The Society has strict criteria for entry and membership because we protect our members if indeed our Members are charged with an offence while working as a ‘Bouncer’.

The Society has what is called the FALLEN Policies and Protocols. These Policies have been created by Senior Bouncers based upon the danger that Bouncers face everytime they go operational around the world.

One of the FALLEN Policies is that ‘We Bury our Own’. This means that if a member is killed while working as a Bouncer then our Society pays for the Burial of our Member.

We also assist our Members Family through this horrible period, finacially, as well as providing their partner and children with counselling.
If our FALLEN Member has children, The Society as a Brotherhood, sends birthday and Christmas presents to their children every year until they turn 18.

These are just a couple of the benefits of becoming a member of the Global Society, If you apply for membership you shall learn more and if you are accepted into the Society you shall understand why it is far better to be a member of the International Brotherhood than to be a Bouncer who isn’t.